Thursday, February 2, 2012


Take a seat and read a blog.

As you read this, the writers blogger virginity has been abducted by cyberspace. It's virtually a painless process, depending on the size of the...

Ok, let's stop there.

Too many puns for certain end-users to cognize.

Here's what you're in for, as you follow this amazing person:
Completeness. Closure. Cookies.

I'm not a guru, not an arch-angel, not a yoga master. Check back frequently -- like when you get up to use the restroom, you should also be reading this blog -- for lots of laughs, tears and uncertainty.

Heres a little taste of what you'll be seeing on here:



In a nutshell, a Bosnian adolescent Martin is reunited with his father after 20yrs, which is weird because he's only 17...let's not do the math. His dad is a crazed, hoot in a barrel old man, who thinks he's god of Bosnia or something. He comes back with a hot soon to be wife, that coincidentally looks like Cyndi Lauper. Martin develops a weird crush on his step-mother and so do all of his friends. Martin has contact with UFOs and the Bosnian police come and beat him up.  And the star of the film, Bonny, goes missing.


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  1. As confused as I am amused. Did you have a hand in this film, or are you just a huge fan of Bosnian cinema, or what? I'm glad you're writing a blog, tho, as it made me realize i haven't written in mine in over a year. Perhaps I should revisit it. In any event, I anxiously await the premiere of "Go", and wish you continued success. Oh. And if it helps, I have seen that cat.