Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As of late, I've decided that Kerouac is to blame for my poor grammar and misuse of punctuation. Not all of the blame can go on my high school Algebra teacher.

What's your excuse? Facebook? Twitter?

Here's a minor update in my huge life:

Finished a first draft on an epic blockbuster script with my writing partner (who makes his monkey butler do all of his writing for him...) And now I'm writing a little somethin' somethin' to fill the ego tank.

I recently watched a movie.

I drank some water.

I put shoes on.

Oh and you all should be watching this and not that other thing that is out making way too much money. There are starving children on Sandwich Islands!

BATTLE ROYALE (with cheese)

And oh yeah, it's a book too ya'll.


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