Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dearly beloved, I gather you here today to bathe you all in the glory that be -- bath salts. Okay, not everyone get excited at once, I'm sure Bed Bath and Beyond has a good hefty stock.

Realized today that you all were lacking something important in your lives...my whimsical words for life. Been off the page (blog page that is) for a number of reasons. I'll list them right down yonder, so you don't have to wonder much longer:

1) A confusion between Sparkling Water and Mineral Water. 
2) Is the sky blue because the water is blue or is the water blue because the sky is blue?
2.58) Misplaced my clock, lost track of time. 
3) I stubbed my left pinky toe.

[Numbers 1 and 3 may be TMI for a few of you -- many apologies will be sent to your fax]

This month has made me a lot of money, so which in turn I spent a majority of it. All for a good cause. Witnessed my better writing half marry a really amazing catch, attempted to drown my best friend and ate four tacos.  I was moved and inspired to tip-tap away on my wireless keyboard -- I'm standing on top of my car while writing this; there's a nice breeze. 

I realized that at some point I'm going to need to have prepared an amazing speech for someone at some crazy off the wall event. Then it dawned on me, I'll write a practical "use anytime" speech. That should do it. It's a great idea. But I'll do it sometime later, when it makes sense to. Like on a Wednesday, after my second bathroom break. 

Ooh look a tangent -- I've been told there were a lot of awesome movies that came out this month and what not. Clearly, I have better things to do. I just finished Season 4 of Breaking Bad, so there's no time for that nonsense. I'm just hitting the refresh button on my Netflix until Season 5 is on INSTANT QUEUE!

Here's a great picture of: 



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